Propaganda szlogenek, jelszavak 1981-ből a debreceni járműjavító, vagongyár betonkerítésén. Fotó: scanzen.

  1. Leplezzétek le az ellenforradalmárokat magyar dolgozók!
  2. Békét a világnak!
  3. Éljen a szocializmus és a béke!
  4. Előzzük meg a balesetet!
  5. Hűség a néphez, hűség a párthoz!
  6. Cél: A VI. ötéves terv célkitűzéseinek teljesítése
  7. Biztonságot Európának!
  8. Cél: a kongresszusi határozatok megvalósítása!

Socialist propaganda slogans from 1981 on the wall of the Railways Service Shop, in Debrecen, Hungary. (Photo: me)


Communism Unwrapped: Consumption in Cold War Eastern Europe


self -  jonė reed 

ca_20140408_002 (by Costică Acsinte Archive)

Villanueva de la Vera, Cáceres
© Rafael Sanz Lobato
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Frank Coster, c. 1890  (c) Archive of Modern Conflict

I like that film very much. I am proud of it. In the first place, I am proud that it didn’t win a Golden Lion or a Silver Peacock.
That’s one thing. The other is that I had to make the film under the most difficult conditions. I had no technical prerequisites, no Kodak material, no processing of the film stock in Moscow. I had absolutely nothing. I had neither enough lighting, nor a wind-machine, nor any possibility for special-effects. Nevertheless, the quality of the film is indisputable.
The results were the appearance of a primitive realistic milieu, like in a typical village or the average steppe. Little turkeys made to look like little turkeys…a fairy tale molded from a real situation…different ways to give the impression of “hyper-realism.” If I needed a tiger, then I would make a tiger out of a toy - and it would have more effect than a real tiger would have. A rag-tiger to frighten the hero would be more interesting.
-Sergei Parajanov on Sayat Nova (The Color of Pomegranates) (1968)


Friends eat watermelon outside a beach cottage on a summer afternoon on Roanoke Island, North Carolina, 1955.Photograph by J. Baylor Roberts, National Geographic

umm i don’t even care about the subjects. do you see that light & tone? goddamn. just, whaaaaaaaaaat.

Casey Marquezs’ Casa de Colores, New Mexico

Bob May

Tony Catany - Ethiopia, 2007